Content Marketing for White-Collar Firms: A Conversation With ReplyAll Co-Founder Zach Abramowitz

One of the best methods for creating online content is to interview someone. You get to ask them questions! Whatever questions you like! And if your subject is not a politician, you'll get answers!

Charlie Rose, Ellen DeGeneres, Howard Stern, Barbara Walters, OPRAH! They all know how to interview people and we can't get enough of it.

Now, reading an interview is much different than watching one, but the result is the same -- a gifted interviewer gets the subject to open up in ways you might not expect. 

Zach Abramowitz is the co-founder of ReplyAll, a platform that turns conversations into content. I've been using the platform on Going Concern for nearly a year and he and I have had many great conversations about content and conversations. I figured it might be good to get some of our thoughts out in the open and, of course, it gives me an excuse to feature his platform.