Yarn Is a Content Studio for Accounting Firms

I may have alluded to this in one of my prior posts, but I suppose it’s worth me going into detail about what Yarn is.

Simply put, Yarn is a content studio that serves the accounting profession. My buddy Jason Blumer, doesn’t think accounting firms will know what a “content studio” is, so I guess that warrants some explanation.

A content studio is where we create stories through various media to tell the world all the great things your accounting firm is and does. When you visit most accounting firm websites, you don’t get really get to know too much about the firm. Or if you do read their About Us page it reads like you'd expect an accounting firm's About Us page to read. Auditing. Taxes. Payroll....Ugh. No one wants to read about that. They want to read about how you make the ordinary interesting and exceptional.

Am I talking about marketing? Yeah, I guess so. I never really thought of myself as a marketer because, uh, I'm not a marketer! Here, I'll explain.

CPA turned blogger

I’m big on transparency so this is the part of the show where I mention that I don’t have a background in marketing. I think I took one marketing class in college and I probably got a "C." 

When I was younger, I wanted to be a CPA. So I became one! I was a CPA for 5½ years. I'll make a long story short by saying that being a CPA didn't work for me.  But then I started a website called Going Concern in 2009 and man, that did work for me. I still write and edit at Going Concern today because it’s fun and people seem to like it. I guess the point is that I found out that I enjoyed writing about accounting more than I enjoyed practicing it.

That’s why last year I decided to branch out and see if I could help others with their content. I like talking about writing and blogging and media and other things and I happen to know what it’s like to work in accounting firm. That combination, it turns out, is pretty rare so it makes sense for Yarn to focus on serving accounting firms. So, yeah, Yarn serves accounting firms only, helping them with their content challenges. Isn't that nice? Yes. Yes it is.

A Content Studio for CPA Firms

Okay, so about this content studio. Creating content of any kind -- blog posts, tweets, copy for a website, videos, etc. -- is difficult. How does a person decide which of those platforms to use? After the platform is chosen, how does anyone know what content to create for that platform? What makes for good content?

Here’s the problem I hear from others most often -- “I don’t know what to write about.” And it’s a legit challenge. Ideas are hard! And writing is hard! I think a lot of people -- accountants especially -- take writing for granted because we do it every day on email, chat, Twitter, Facebook whatever. In that context, writing is easy. We’re communicating with people we know. It’s a familiar audience. They don't care if we're compelling, they just need to know something from you ASAP so they can back to whatever it is they're doing.

When you’re creating content for your website or blog or other platform that’s related to a business, you’re probably creating content for people that you don’t know, but that you would like to know. And sure, if they buy something from you, that'd be good too.

But I like to think of these strangers as an audience. Simply put, your content should be able to tell an audience whether or not you’re the right CPA firm for them. That way when they call you up, there’s no selling to be done. They already know what you can do, they just want to hear your voice to make sure you don’t sound like Gollum. And if you’re not making those terrible swallowing noises in your throat, you’re well on your way to landing a new client!

What Yarn Does for CPA Firms

Okay, so we should get something out of the way upfront -- Yarn’s services aren’t for every CPA firm. If you or your partners are skeptical about content, about blogging, about the internet and how it can transform your business, then Yarn is NOT for you. We don’t want to waste your time or ours with conversations about why you should do this.

Also, if you're not collaborative, Yarn is NOT for you. If you're not patient, Yarn is NOT for you. If you're NOT interested in fun, Yarn is NOT for you. It's really easy to think you're all those things, it's much more difficult to be all those things. 

What we will talk with you is what makes your firm unique and interesting. Lots of people think accounting firms are all the same and in a lot of cases, they're right!  Part of our job is figuring out which of your firm's stories are worth telling. If that’s a little too literary for you, then think about it this way -- we’ll help you identify your content strategy. And if you like, we’ll even help you build it and execute it, too. That means, yes, we’ll help you write some stuff. It’ll be custom approach just for your accounting firm. STOP! Go read the previous paragraph again.

So, if this all sounds interesting and you'd like to know how we can work together let’s talk about it! Get in touch with us and we’ll have a chat, some laughs, etc.