How Content Can Drive Sales Leads for Accounting Firms

If you've been hanging around the internet for a while, you know that blogging has had its rise and is now well on its decline. At least as far as media outlets are concerned. Accounting firms are sorta slow to these trends, but fear not, although blogging maybe dead, they are still incredibly useful.

These days blogs are better used as a tool to for building SEO juice for your website. In other words, your content needs to address problems that people are trying to solve by looking for solutions on the internet. Just in case that doesn't make the slightest bit of sense, Flashpoint's Brian Swanson covered it well in a recent blog post:

[S]ay your firm has a niche specialty in construction and would like to use the website to attract prospects. [...] To stand apart, the firm needs to offer [content]  that’s more engaging and compelling. What is that information? It’s simple. Talk about and discuss issues prospects deal with in the construction industry. Certainly members of your firm’s accounting construction team know what the common issues are because they have experience working with clients to address and resolve them. So it stands to reason that if the firm’s clients are dealing with “x” issues, so are other construction companies in your region. Therefore, why not spend time talking about these issues, what prospects can do to resolve them, and how your firm can facilitate the solution? This is the highest and best use of website content. Talking about solutions your firm delivers to clients is far more proactive and effective at winning new business from prospects vs. only discussing your firm’s services and new accounting regulations.

In other words, you need to create content with an audience in mind. Who is your audience? In this case, it's all the clients you want but don't have but should have.

Now that doesn't mean you're willing to take any client that walks in the door. What you have to do is know who your biggest fans are. But maybe you need to start with: Do you even have fans? That is, do you have any clients that love you? That high-five you on a regular basis? That are demanding foam fingers? If not, then stop reading and go do your job better.

Once that's done, then start creating content around what makes those clients want to hug and kiss and high-five you and do violent fist-pumps. If you can make them get that excited, then you can do it for other clients, too.

So how do they find you? Wearing your "I'm a kickass accountant" t-shirt every day isn't going to do it. Yep, they're going to find you on the internet, most likely by asking Google. And if Google likes your content, it's going to point those prospects right to your website. And if the prospect likes your content, then you've sold yourself and your services without picking up a phone, having a meeting or writing an email.

How's that for a sales strategy?