Learn About Building a Publishing Culture In an Accounting Firm

Welcome to Yarn. I'm glad you're here. You might be wondering just exactly what it is Yarn does. The website only tells you so much, right? 

Lucky for you, on November 18th, I'll be presenting a webinar with Brian Swanson of FlashPoint Marketing called "How to Build a Publishing Culture in Your Accounting Firm" and it will give you great idea of what Yarn's all about. Our friends at BizInk will be our gracious hosts. You can sign up here.

Now that we've sufficiently piqued your interest, the title of the webinar might cause you to ask a number of questions like: 

  • What in the name of Luca Pacioli is a publishing culture?
  • Why would I want a publishing culture in my firm? 
  • Which accounting firms have a publishing culture, anyway?
  • Who are you guys and why should we listen to you?
  • Can you tell me what kinds of things I need to do to build this publishing culture?

Yes, I swear to you, Brian and I will answer all these questions. That's our plan, anyway! This will be our first webinar together so who knows what'll happen. 

But seriously, this webinar is for marketers, leaders and anyone else inside an accounting firm looking to make an impact on its culture and the business as a whole. 

Did I mention that this a one-of-a-kind webinar? The philosophies, strategies and tactics that we will cover have not been discussed specifically for the accounting profession before. That means you'll know about publishing cultures before they are cool. That, right there, makes it worth the price of admission.

Oh, right; the price of admission is free. But still! You won't regret attending. Did I tell you to sign up yet? Yes? Okay, then what are you doing still reading? Go sign up! November 18th. We hope to see you on the internet.